Thursday, 10 January 2013

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles Leader is one of the most important pillars of a company Leadership Styles. So it is one of the strong positions of a company so a leader has to know certain strategies so that the company can have good work culture with the good profit earning infrastructure and with this he has to involve some leadership program on his or her leadership qualities. So if you are a leader or if you want to be a leader then you have to know the properly the leadership pattern. So here you will have the complete discussion about the leadership pattern.First come to the point of Leadership Styles Autocratic. In this world everything has a specific style on the same way leadership also have a special style which is known as the leadership styles.

 On the leadership there are three major style which are; authoritarian or autocratic: in this style leader has the complete power that is he is the only person who can take the decision in fact if he wants then he can ignore anyone’s suggestion, even he can ignore any others intervention on the decision making process. Best part of the leadership styles is that one can make the decision quickly and work also can be done in a systematic way. But the demerit of this style is that often there may come, revolution due to this style. Second style is the participative or democratic: this is one of the best Leadership Styles. In this style leader only makes the decision but the difference is that if he wants then he can support others suggestion on the decision making process. Third style is the delegate or free reign: in this style also leader allows to take the decision others though on the overall process leader takes the main point then also it helps the employees to show their Leadership Strategies For Change.

These are the leadership styles and now come to the strategies for leadership.In case leadership strategies also there are several points involve such as; clear vision: on the strategies for leader first the point which includes is the clear vision. First one has to select his vision and then he has to grow according to the vision. Team building: without a good team one cannot get the best output so on the leadership strategies first one has to make a good team. In spite of these two there are many other points on the strategies for leadership such as; listing, supportive and more.In spite of this to build a good team or a company as a leader one has to involve good leadership program on it With the help of this build a good team and lead the team for best output. Leadership Styles